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West London Studio is a corporate video production company headquartered in London. We provide top-notch corporate videos to clients throughout the United Kingdom and around the world - including global companies - such as:

Our main goal is to help corporations create high quality media content whenever they address their customers, employees or shareholders. Communicating corporate messages through powerful and effective videos is vital to build or maintain the prestige of your brand. We have supported tens of companies to achieve an amazing level of audiovisual communication through our corporate video production services.

West London Studio is a London based video production company that has for over 6 years put increased focus on producing corporate videos for corporations of all shapes and sizes. Why corporate video production? Corporate videos are a very powerful communications tool that lets your business connect to other businesses (B2B videos), as well as to current and potential customers, (B2C videos).

Corporate video production facilitates more meaningful and effective communication with employees, customers, shareholders and the general public. Corporate videos are a great tool for your company as they are designed to get the attention of the desired audience and ensure that your corporate messages are conveyed in a clear and professional manner. West London Studio can provide you with corporate videos that do exactly that - our testimonials are the best proof of our effectiveness:

I just received the daily for yesterdays shoot from our camera man.

And I must say: the footage looks totally a-ma-zing. The set is just spot on. Incredible work.

Thank you so much for your help, I hope you enjoyed it as much as the crew did.

I’ll be sure to reach our if we ever need a studio in London again.

VPRO – The Netherlands

Everyone was very satisfied with how the meeting went – the feedback has been fantastic and a lot of praise was given for me to pass on around the way your team handled David’s late arrival yesterday.

I want to pass my thanks and appreciation onto the whole crew for all of your work on this project. It’s been very challenging at times but I always felt well supported and confident in your ability to deliver everything we asked of you – thanks again, it’s greatly appreciated.

I really hope we have an opportunity to work together again in the future.

Kiio – New Zealand

Sara the manager was very accommodating, excellent communication and she went out of her way to make sure we had everything that we needed. The studio itself was clean and well equipped. Will definitely use it again!

R Hundal

West London studio is a brilliant place to hire out from start to finish, they have a great space that can accommodate whatever your shoot is. They have a fantastic team, with Sara who is dedicated to ensuring she and the studio can do everything possible to make the shoot as smooth as it can be. I highly recommend anyone who needs a space to use them and you will not be disappointed.

J Sagy

Full Corporate Video Production


Corporate videos are beneficial as a way of conveying messages from board members, informative content, employee or customer testimonials, etc. These are just some examples of what the West London Studio’s corporate video production team will be able to manage. West London Studio will handle every aspect of the corporate video production process to ensure that we deliver to the highest quality standards.

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