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We would love to live stream your event. Our specialised team ensures that your webcast project is delivered to the highest standards while keeping the hassle for you to a minimum.

Stream from our studio in West London, from any premises of your choice or from outdoor locations.

The event will be broadcast live to audiences anywhere with the option of interaction with your viewers: Q&A, polls, etc.

You can have other content inserted while broadcasting: presentation slides, images or pre-recorded content, etc.

By using green screen we can customise the background with your brand's theme or content of your choice.

We can broadcast your live stream on a variety of platforms through an internet connection (in our studio or your premises). We can also use cellular 4G/5G as main or fallback connection.

London live stream services

West London Studio provides high-end video streaming services to businesses in London as well as the entire UK and clients worldwide. Because each and every live streaming project is different we will ensure that, based on your inputs, we plan the event carefully and take special consideration of every detail.


Generally, every live stream production can be categorised within one of these four types of services:

Social Streaming Services - stream your video live to social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram or choose from other more specialised or professional networks, such as LinkedIn, Vimeo, Intrado, BigMaker, etc. or any video sharing platform of your choice - whatever your needs are, we will meet them!

Company Event Streaming Services - stream your company event live to expand your reach and build brand recognition. It’s a perfect option for engaging teams or broadcasting to a certain audience. We offer live streaming video production for conferences, meetings, interviews, festivals, exhibitions, and more. Live Stream provides a fast, convenient, and cost-effective solution for streaming your upcoming event. Whether you're filming from one location or multiple sources, the live broadcast option simplifies your distribution to a greater audience. The resulting footage of the event can be made available online after the event for replay or download, so your event video can be accessed flexibly. We will also be able to enhance the experience through the use of interactive tools, such as Q&A sessions, polls, etc.

Private Event Streaming Services – live streaming a private event is the modern way to create a unique broadcasting experience that allows your friends and family to watch the video feed directly from their desktop and mobile applications. Most importantly, viewers will be able to do so at their own leisure at any time after the event.

Podcast and Webinar Series - West London Studio is a London video production company and therefore we are able to offer a full range of video production services. We can support the process of planning, producing and distributing single podcasts or webinars. Alternatively, we can organise the production as an ongoing series which are advertised to a well-defined audience. This online brand-building tool is an excellent way of converting viewers into customers.

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UK event live streaming services

West London Studio offers top quality live streaming services for any type of event you may need to hold, including:

Virtual conferences

Board of Directors meeting

Shareholder meetings

Product launches



Training / Webinars

Award shows

Corporate events

Public events

Private events


Trade shows

Press conferences

Art installations




Film premieres

Panel discussions

Medical events

Private events

Religious ceremonies


For more information regarding the virtual event streaming services offered by West London Studio, please visit our London virtual event production page.

the process

Meeting or call to plan the details of your event such us how many people, location, props, use of additional content, interaction tools, etc. The specific streaming platform should be defined in this phase

The pre-production stage starts and we book crew, equipment and software tools. Sometimes, running at least one rehearsal might be advised. tools. We can also take care of finding the right location if required

On the day of the event, our staff will assist speakers at all times following the pre-agreed call sheet. Insertion of content, interaction with the audience and other chosen options will be put in place by our team

Depending on the chosen streaming platform, the event is made available for download or for on-demand streaming. Viewing stats and list of participants are shared with you following GDPR rules

West London Studio video production and video streaming clients

West London Studio has been selected for video production, live streaming and other services by clients ranging from small sized companies to large corporations. This is a small sample:

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