Virtual Events Production

Virtual Event Production


We produce highest quality virtual events

Since 2015, the team at West London Studio has been providing companies, such as Netflix, BBC and CNN, with state-of-the-art studio hire, production services and virtual event live streaming across a good number of countries. This experience makes us uniquely suited to help businesses not only survive but to thrive in the online world. We specialise in providing production services for virtual events, including:

why should you hold a virtual event?

Most industries have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns, curfews and travel restrictions force businesses to move parts or all of their operations online. There are also advantages to holding your corporate events in a virtual way by streaming video and using collaborative tools. Here are the top four reasons why you may want to consider producing a virtual event:

  1. Extend your reach
  2. Engage with a larger customer base
  3. Make the most of a wide range of online interactive tools
  4. Address your employees and teams in corporate events
  5. Decrease your travel, accommodation and hospitality costs

how do virtual event productions and streaming work?

The starting point for the production of a virtual event is always an in-depth conversation between our team of experts and the customer. Thoroughly planning every detail of the event and running a couple of rehearsals is generally the recipe for success. Identifying risks and defining contingency plans also contribute to ensuring that your event will run smoothly from the start to the end. Apart from our capable technical team, our producer will focus on guiding the talents to ensure they enjoy the experience while achieving the objectives of the event.

Convenient Location: We can stream your virtual event from our studio in West London or we can come to the site of your choice, including outdoor locations in the UK and around the world.

Expert Support: Our team of video production and streaming experts makes sure that your virtual event, be it a webcast, fashion show or a corporate conference project is delivered to the highest standards while keeping the hassle for you to an absolute minimum.

Full Production Cycle: West London Studio offers a full range of video production services, complete with our own studio in London. Thanks to our comprehensive suite of solutions, we can help you with each and every step involved in your virtual event project: from the planning and budgeting phase to production, content development, online streaming, to post-production analysis and feedback loop.

ready to discuss your virtual event project?

Call us at +44 20 8960 1405 to discuss your virtual event idea or send us an email via our contact page.

virtual events that can make a difference to your business

Virtual conferences
Virtual corporate meetings
Virtual corporate shareholder conferences
Product launches
Training sessions

Live music and other entertainment events
Virtual series - both free and paid subscription based
Fashion shows
Wellness sessions
Virtual Expos

the process

Meeting or call to define the details for your event. We will discuss aspects such as expected outcome, location, use of additional content, rehearsals, streaming platform or interaction with audience.

West London Studio prepares the production of the event in close collaboration with the customer.  Either in our studio or your chosen location all technical set up is carried out by our crew.

The event is broadcast with the option of including slides and pre-recorded content. Questions from the audience, polls and other forms of interaction are available. Viewing stats are captured.

Footage is made available for download by you or for on-demand streaming. Depending on the platform, Q&As might be allowed after the event has finished and viewing stats are shared with you.

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