Video & Photography Production Services

full photography and video production service

 in our studio in West London or on-location

We at West London Studio (WLS) provide innovative and inspiring video production services from our studio in West London or in location. Our objective is to make every project as easy as possible for our clients. Our team can manage everything you need from start to finish. No matter the size of your idea, we will add our creativity and the technical means to deliver the perfect material to engage your customers.

Our production team offers a comprehensive range of services such as Photography, Video, Short Films, Commercials, Youtube and Social Media content, BTS, etc.

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production company

West London Studio offers a full range of video production services. We can handle production of films and videos ranging from small local productions to major international projects. We can manage every aspect of your project by offering a full video production service from concept development through filming and editing to post-production and web distribution of the finished content.

We are extremely flexible, so depending on the requirements of your video production project we will be able to offer the right bespoke set of services. As a video production company, we create a wide variety of content, such as marketing videos, tutorial and explainer videos, virtual events, etc. Our team is also specialised in corporate video production which has become a powerful tool for organisations to generate engagement with customers and employees.

live stream

Our team specialised in live stream services will be happy to assist you through the process of planning and webcasting your event.

We are absolutely flexible in terms of your preferred location, including our studio in West London, and your preferred event format. We can offer you all the tools to allow your audience interact with the talents and presenters or to insert pre-recorded content.

You can find more details on our live stream page.

corporate video

West London Studio, as a London corporate video production company, has over 5 years of experience in producing videos business of different sizes and sectors. Corporate videos are a powerful vehicle to communicate with employees, customers, shareholders and general public.

Messages from board members, informative content, employee or customer testimonials, are some examples of what our corporate video production team will be able to deliver. West London Studio will handle every aspect of the production process to ensure that we deliver to the highest quality standards.

aerial / drone filming

West London Studio uses state-of-the-art drones and a very capable and experienced team to provide our customers with exciting aerial footage and, if required, post-produced films. Aerial videos captured with a high-quality camera mounted on a drone will capture a new and powerful perspective of your subject matter at reasonable cost. Aerial filming and photography has experienced a boom in recent years due to its ability to create spectacular and compelling content. Our drone filming team keeps up with all the recent advances in drone technology in order to be able to provide our clients with the highest quality aerial videos.

video tutorial

In the past, the quality of a tutorial or an instructions manual was determined by the skills of a writer. Nowadays, with so many powerful online tools and advances in video technology, the best tutorial is most often a video tutorial.

The content can be used in a business environment as well as in less formal settings such as social media sites. Video tutorials are also a great way of engaging with your audience and improving your online exposure. Our video production team has broad experience in creating such videos. Just share with us your idea for a tutorial or explainer video and we will be delighted to discuss it with you.

fashion photography

Our talented team of photographers will create catching images to create a portfolio that conveys the character of your brand. We will team up with you to produce a lookbook that will be key to the success of your next fashion collection.

Over the years we have worked for well established brands as well as for start-ups in the process of launching their own fashion creations, clothing lines or assortment of accessories. We understand the importance of producing pictures that stand out in the digital marketing world.

Depending on your needs we will be able to support you project with a range of professionals that include production stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists, set designers, etc. You can also rely on us to procure models, props and locations, including our own studio in West London. In short, will ensure the highest quality of your lookbook in order to boost your marketing efforts, brand recognition and reach.

Additionally, West London Studio has comprehensive experience in producing editorial photography shoots which are ideal to capture the story and the inspiration behind the brand’s creative process. The result will be an impressive set of images ready to be featured in a magazine, blog or even social media.

Our customers are always able to choose between receiving the pictures in raw format or thoroughly edited by our team of professional retouchers. We are also completely flexible about the location of the shoot, that being our own studio in West London or any other place of your choice.

fashion video

We know that each brand has a story to tell and a character that makes it unique. Our passion is to capture that personality through the videos we produce.

West London Studio is a well established creative video production company offering fashion videos for designers, clothing lines and retailers. Our team will help you expand the reach of your brand and boost your online presence.

Our experienced production team will create high quality fashion films that will make your product stand out on the screens of your  audience.


Displaying compelling, professionally produced images of your products on your website is one of the most powerful ways of boosting your online sales. The production team at West London Studio will support you throughout the whole process of creating content for e-commerce catalogues.

We are experts in delivering high quality images and videos for almost any type of products. Among them, we offer fashion e-commerce photography with the options of still, model and ghost mannequin photography.

Short e-commerce videos are also an excellent option for your online catalogue.

Our professional production services will not only make the traffic to your online store grow but will also crucially help to increase your sales.

ads & commercials

Our commercial video production services cover both corporate B2B videos and B2C content for any advertising channel such as web or social media and TV.

Our production team is experienced in working with advertising agencies as well as directly with end clients and their own marketing teams.

If you would like to start a commercial video production, just contact us to discuss your goals and how West London Studio can help you achieve them.


West London Studio produces fiction videos. Our team of talented producers, videographers, production designers and directors will bring your vision to life with the use of the most up to date technology.

We can cover any aspect of your project or just take care of the end-to-end filming process.

Our services are fully bespoke, which means that for every single project we will always be committed to deliver fiction content that will impress critics and capture the imagination of your audience.


Animation technology and software recently took a quantum leap with the introduction of High-Definition graphics. These advances in the graphic design industry combined with the availability of powerful online content distribution tools allow us to offer high quality 2D and 3D animation for our customers.

However, no matter how advanced the technology gets, it is important to remember that ultimately the quality of your animated video depends on the skills of the animator. For that reason West London Studio relies only on experienced animation professionals capable of creating the best content for our clients.